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I am a Kodak baby. My parents met while working at one of Kodak’s facilities, and I grew up in an environment that celebrated the art and beauty of photography. When my parents spoke of photography, they spoke of MAGIC. The greatest gifts they gave me were the wonder of this medium, the freedom to explore it, curiosity about the world around me and love of life. I am still that little girl with a camera, capturing scenes from life, viewing the world through a lens.

My photographic education, both analog and digital, includes courses in design, advanced studio lighting, and editing (Photoshop and Camera RAW) at City College of San Francisco, Berkeley City College and Laney Community College. I also am a proud mentor with First Exposures, a San Francisco mentoring program that empowers youth through photography, where I joyfully spend my Saturdays surrounded by young people who constantly surprise and delight me.

My love of photography compliments my interest in the art of communication. I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost, and I have been fortunate to tell many stories as a writer for newspapers and magazines, and as a copywriter and marketing specialist. I recently began making videos and have a budding interest in cinematography, and I find that this is just another tool for telling the fascinating stories that surround all of us.

— Michelle Mendieta Mitchell

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