The swoosh was all he had.

One of my favorite things to do is to drive to the middle of nowhere, with no plan in mind, and find an interesting photo. I actually go to places that don’t seem that interesting, or maybe I’ll go to a place that I don’t know anything about. It’s an exercise that keeps my eye sharp, forces me to drop my preconceptions, and makes me slow down and really see.

Recommended by my husband, who had stumbled upon it as part of his job driving to and fro, I ventured to Port Costa one crisp fall afternoon. This tiny town, estimated to have 190 inhabitants, didn’t disappoint. I had a great time exploring its sleepy streets and kitschy Warehouse Cafe. “It’s the land that time forgot,” I often tell friends.

In the school yard of the Port Costa School I came upon this lonely basketball net. With my idea for six word stories in mind, I photographed it from different angles, trying to capture more than just a net.

This post is part of my six word stories collection: when six words and photos unite to create rich narratives.


The swoosh was all he had.